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An update.
Monday, May 28, 2012 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
Hey guys! It has been a long time since I last blogged.
Been busy with studies, dance and life.
Kinda heartening to find out that there's still people who checks out my blog.
Not that it is good nor bad ._____.

So, my common test results are kinda disheartening.
Why is it that I always score worst in my mid-terms?
Adding on, it has a domino effect on my final years T.T
Have to work harder nevertheless I guess, esp for my maths.
Why can't maths be as easy as dance? Not that it is very easy ><

On the bright side, our hardwork paid off and we got 3rd in a dance competition.
I was sooooooo nervous on Sat! It was held at Ngee Ann City. (SHO MANII PEEPOLL)

And now, after this competition. I still have one more performance and competition in June.
Do come and support if you can ^^
The K-pop Dance Competition would be held at Square 2 (Novena MRT) on the 17th of June. 
It's actually the auditions. Keke~ Hope we make it. 
The performance is on 26th June, not sure where though .____.

And sooooo due to these upcoming events and from the previous' days competition, I have decided to save up for my very own make up kit! I guess it's time to at least know some basic stuff and at least I can apply some foundation and stuff before asking for help on the exaggerated eyeshadow and blush part hahas. Just listing down some stuff I may need in order of priority :


Hope it doesn't overkill my budget!!!