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2013 Resolutions & Some updates.
Sunday, January 20, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
Hey, I'm back!

Have been wanting to do this post quite some time ago.
I was scrolling thru my previous blog and I saw my 2012 resolutions. 
Guess what? I actually managed to meet one.
It was a resolution about setting up a dance cca in school. And now I'm the chairperson of it ~

Awesome I'd say. Knowing that tons of people out there every year set resolutions but fail to meet any.

Soo.. what are my 2013 New Year Resolutions?
I've prioritized and decided to come up with only 3 that I hope I would meet this year.

001 : 'O' Level + Prelim Aggregate < 10.

Of course, the best would be to get an A1 in everything. But I know my standards. I would already be on cloud nine if I got a score of less than 10 points. I definitely want an A1 for my Biology, I.H & Biotech. 

002 : Keep fit and... GROW TALLER T^T
I'd be coming up with an exercise routine to improve my flexibility & stamina, and hopefully at the same time I can make myself grow taller.
I'd have to keep in shape for Dance SYF and... Sports Day (maybe?).

003 : To get a proper and good job at the end of this year,
I realised how pointless it is already. Dumb me. I can't go on wishing forever. So yeah this is a more practical and something I would really wanna achieve AT THE END OF THIS YEAR. And in the mean time save up and go for some dance lessons :3
<last updated : 24/3/2013>


And soooo did any of you readers know that I performed for a local countdown performance last year? Had a great time practicing with them and the whole experience was great. The people in the team were awesome and very nice~~ And was so excited when everyone told me I got featured on TV for like 3-5 secs. I was very happy 'bout that as some of their faces didn't even appear on the TV  >< (poor them)


So anyways, let's work hard together in 2013. May this be a wonderful year for all!

xoxo, Belle ♥