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Good and bad
Saturday, May 18, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
The week so far.
Has been good and bad in many aspects.
Got most of my results.
And it's terrible as hell...
1 A, 1 B, 3 Cs, 2 Ds...
Only left my Biotech results.
#sigh. pathetic results.
My sciences + both math needs a lot of work..
And on the other hand I really want to join B-Dazzled.
But looking at my results, I feel like I really shouldn't.
For one, I'm afraid my results won't improve.
For two, I don't think I deserve to join after having such horrible results.
But after the two choreography sessions I went, it's like I seriously find myself immersed in it.
Dance.. my passion. I just can't say not to it.
Also, I don't wanna pull out on Justin and Amin.
Once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to work with both such great dancers.
And besides Miss Ng asks me to just go for the session even if I just took it as exercise.
I guess it'll be better since the Sec 4s are only going to do 1 song.
I'll have to better discipline myself and seriously use the next 1 month to catch up.
And I don't think I should study alone at home.
Not productive at all.

So yeh, for now I'd have to focus on a few stuff.
• Come up with a productive study plan for June Holiday and follow it
• Pull both my Math results up and increase my confidence in them
• Make my Chem Results jump at least 2 grades

Yep. Any suggestions as to how I could do/study/work better?


This week, apart from my results has been a pretty awesome week with you around.
But I realised that the more I see you, the more greedy I get.
The more I'd want to see you, to be near you, to want you to myself.
I know this is wrong. And I've been trying to curb this side of me.
Oh godd.. What have you done to me..?