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Thursday, April 25, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
Hello~~ How's life?
Have been thinking of changing my url. Should I not?
So... I've decided to try my luck @ DPA, but it only starts mid-july.
And, I realised you could apply for 3 courses max.
Should I like try for 2 instead? Have been considering that.
I really wanna get in via DPA as there's this compulsory NPP thing that Ngee Ann offers for freshmen entering via DPA.
It sounds pretty cool Saw a brief description of what the NPP includes :

Orientation Programme
Dive into poly life via a high adrenalin teambuilding camp! Guided by your seniors, you will also get to explore the campus grounds by trying out and competing in a string of games and activities.
- I heard that this would be something to look forward to. Many of time enjoyed their orientation programmes. I can't wait!

Overseas Leadership Programme
A 3-day overseas leadership programme in the region, this motivational elective will build confidence, teamwork and leadership qualities
- Ohhhh~ And this too. It'd be really awesome if this is subsidised too. :3

Field Trips & Industry Visits
You will also have an up-close experience with the industries via field trips. You can expect visits to industries in the Business, Technology and Science clusters.
- Yeah this is another thing that I'm looking forward to. How cool is that?

Sports & Wellness
An exciting module that offers you varied activities that are sure to work your muscles. Choose from five activities – aerobics, fencing, dancesport, wellness programme and yoga.
- O.M.G Do you see what I see? Dancesport? This'd be totally awesomeeee!~

Ngee Ann student innovators start with an open enquiring mind. This module will hone your creative skills to think out-of-the-box. Be prepared to innovate, and even compete in the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ competition!

This module will bring you into the world of neurolinguistics and give you tips on how to enhance your daily performance to achieve your goals. Learn how language infleunces behaviour.

Looking at whole list. I made up my mind to do well for DPA.
But that also meant that I have to do well for CTs. At least secure a place before O's, it'll be less stressful I presume. Though I still have to get the basic COP of 14 marks to get in. It'll be alright I think :3
Soooo.. yeah. This common test. HAVE TO DO WELL REGARDLESS.
Plus, I'd be getting Miss Pat Ng & Ms Yap to write letter of reccomendation for me ^^
But I wonder if you could submit two? .__. I got my band teacher in primary to write 1 for me too, and that's how I'm where I am now. So I bet it'll be useful. 
Oh and I want to ask Mr Irfan if there's any cert for the Rooftop Design Competition. I could use it well in my portfolio. Shall keep that in mind.
And if you're wondering, I'm applying for Diploma in sustainable urban design and engineering.
Hopefully if everything goes well, I will get my results by Sept 2013 and secure a place there :3
I went to look up for subsidies and stuff too. But none suitable for me lehs.. Shall go and ask at next year open house or smth...
Well, wish me luck! JIAYOU CLARABELLE ANG ^^


So this is what it's like. 心跳加数。不停地想着你。
因为我发现我自己.. 没勇气去爱了。
对不起.. 没坦白地告诉你。。