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Hi. Here’s a peak to my life. Trying to get over the past.
Scram if you wanna bitch. Life’s a karma.
I love walking in the rain as no one can see me crying.

Clarabelle. Sweet Sixteen. Sept Baby.
Libra. Dancer, for I dance to live with no regrets.

Single, but my heart’s broken. Nothing left to fight for.

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Glad you came.
Friday, May 3, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
So many mixed emotions at the same time.
Happy that we finally talked.
Excited about Sunday.
Hopeful that this will last.
Nervous about how Sunday will turn out.
Confused as to whether I'm doing the right thing.
Insecure that you'll leave me just like how you did.

That moment when you spoke.. to me.
How I got so dumbstruck.
How I pathetically stuttered.
How my brain was spinning.
How breathless I felt.
How fast my heart was beating..

Despite how awkward it was I really liked the train right back home.
The familiar proximity.
That reassuring scent.
That soothing presence of yours.

I couldn't stop smiling today.

I will try my best to make this Sunday eventful. Thank you.

Could you wait for me till after 'O's? I'll come clean to you.. for you.


I sincerely thank everyone who has helped me throughout these painful 5 weeks, though I only told most of you like 2 weeks ago. It helped it really did. It made me feel that I wasn't alone.

Oh well, moving back on to my life. This week's exams had its ups and down.
But I particularly didn't like Chem paper ):
I really hope I could pass.
And now I have to mug Geog, Bio and Biotech all tgt T^T
1 more week to go Clarabelle Ang! JY!
And to all reading this blog, good luck to you too~

I came back this afternoon, really tired so after bathing I fell asleep immediately.
I woke up once in the middle, feeling lost and insecure.
I had to reassure myself that all of today was real. Thank god it is.
And when I went back to sleep. I dreamt of.. us.
Like how we used to be. It was so.. blissful.
I really wish it will continue.
But, I began thinking am I being too selfish?
To leave you in this agony?
I'm really sorry. I know I'm selfish but what can I do..?