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Hi. Here’s a peak to my life. Trying to get over the past.
Scram if you wanna bitch. Life’s a karma.
I love walking in the rain as no one can see me crying.

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Single, but my heart’s broken. Nothing left to fight for.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
What if..
I can't hang on anymore.. I'm on wit's end..
Sorry, i don't know why but I'm just getting really emotional. Prelims haven't really been going that well, especially for Math. I just have a fucking problem with it.. WHYY (;__;)
I have to overcome this barrier though, for the sake of 'O's.. Also, I suspect my body has major problems. I can't seem to stay awake for like first half an hour for most papers. In turn, it affects my results as I end up with not enough time. I even tried pinching myself.. but it doesn't work even when I got blue-black from it.. What the hell is wrong with me..? I seriously have to seek help, maybe get some vitamins or something :\
Also I think I should invest in the school jacket.. SO BLOODY COLD. But it's like $30, and I don't want to ask from my mum either.. Anybody wanna spon me? :3 Or.. get it for me as birthday present xD Hahas jkjk. Seriously considering to invest in it though.
For the sake the actual 'O's.

#sigh #gettingmoreparanoideachday