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Monday, August 19, 2013 | Posted by Belle | 0 comment/s
Now I'm left with my Biotech paper. A.Math Paper 1 was horrible. Like seriously bad. Couldn't cry in front of so many people, felt so hopeless. What am I to do of my A.Math?  Thank god today's A.Math paper 2 was easier than expected. But I still have this irritating problem of doing too slow.. I seriously need more, conscientious practice man. Anyways putting this aside, there's 2 more months to 'O' levels as of yesterday; which also means 1 more month to my birthday :3 Are you thinking what I'm thinking..? >~< A present for me maybe?

So.. if you were wondering what to get me.. I have a few things in mind~ 
Firstly... I need a new wallet. My current one is like dying soon le (;__;) And yeah I was browsing online and I saw this. Instantly fell in love with the mint colour one~ I don't know where else it is sold apart from online shops so.. link?

Next, a make-up brush set. Now this is something I really need. It isn't really cheap though :\ The sets in Sephora is pretty good, well value I guess it's value for money, but E.L.F/Mac works fine too. Personally, the e.l.f studio 11 piece brush collection is pretty decent. Not too ex, for quite good quality brushes. 

And also, I seriously need speakers soon. I like the steez series by Pioneer, but the Beats speakers seems fine too. I don't want to get the x-mini speakers as I need volume. 

So.. yeap~ These are the 3 things I really need :3 Would really appreciate if you could get it for me since I am contemplating to get it anyways. But nonetheless, I appreciate all presents and the thoughts behind it. Love you guys~ <3

Is it wrong of me to feel possessive..?